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Jenny Tippet's Success with Discipline

"A humorous ‘induction’...perfect for new and alternatively certified teachers.” - Robert Shockley, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

Meet Jenny Tippet - a typical middle level student teacher who is struggling with managing student behavior in her classroom. And see what her middle level faculty team can do to help!  Perfect for new teachers. A great review for veterans.


“This video is hilarious. My people were laughing as they recognized each other’s behavior. Excellent activities as well.” — Mildred Simms, Principal, Fort Worth, Texas



Issues addressed:

  • Setting rights and responsibilities with students

  • Identifying the positive and negative characteristics of teacher behavior

  • Addressing attention-seeking misbehaviors

  • Using humor to promote an appropriate classroom climate


This training package includes:

  • 16 page Training Guide with online links to exclusive articles and research material

  • One DVD - 43 minutes


DVD Preview: